Thread first Messaging App
for deep work

Linen is a real-time messaging platform that is designed for a calmer and more productive experience.

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Thread first experience

Designed for deep work first

Modern messaging chat is interrupt driven causing constant interruptions in deep focused work. Linen is designed for both async and real-time conversations while letting your team stay focused and productive.

Urgent mentions

Help your team focused by separate urgent and non urgent messages with !mention vs @mention. !mention sends push notifications to the user while @mention will show up in the inbox.

Stay organized

Linen is thread first meaning every message belongs to a thread. Threads lets you organize and manage all your conversations in one place in the inbox without having to check multiple places

Personalized notifications

Customize notification on a per channel/per thread basis. Our UX makes customizing notifications often a button/click away. This makes Linen a much calmer and less distracting experience

Stay organized

Powerful Inbox

Linen centralizes all your conversations in a workspace in one place. Making it easy to keep up with conversations.

Inbox Zero
Linen let's you get to inbox zero by letting you mark threads as done (archive), setting a reminder, and muting a thread. We prioritize these interactions to make it easy to stay organized.
Prioritize important conversations
Linen let's you customize which channels you subscribe to. Mentions will still show up in the inbox which makes this great for joining partner teams where you only want to pay attention to relevant conversations
Reduce the noise
Linen is designed so that it is easy to stay on top of your messages without having to resort to notifications. This leads to a calmer experience that let's your team stay focused.

Save time

Designed for Power users

Linen is designed for power users first. Your messaging app is the most used app in the workplace it should be fast, lightweight and let you navigate at the speed of thought.

Cmd K
Complete actions in seconds with our Cmd+K action menu. From navigation to thread management.
Keyboard First
Designed with power users in mind, fly through your messages without touching your mouse/trackpad.
Fast and Lightweight
Linen weighs 400kb and designed to be lightweight and fast. Resource consumption and speed is a core feature

Stay on top of messages

Organized channels

Our channels are designed to be thread first. This keeps things organized and less reliant on notifications.

Thread first
You can set titles and summaries to help your team stay organized. Messages are read a lot more than written so Linen is designed for easy reading.
Mark resolutions
Skim through long threads and skip straight to resolution. We let you highlight the resolution for a long thread so it saves time in subsequent reads
Stay on top of Replies
Replies are shown in the channel by default. No more missing threads replies because you are not a participant. This encourages more longer form messages across longer periods of time.


Pricing plans

Buy a premium plan for your team. Free 14 days trial.


Perfect for small teams and communities.

  • Complete thread first messaging platform
  • Power user friendly design
  • 90 days history
  • 5MB file size upload limit
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$9per user / month

Make your team more productive

  • Unlimited history
  • 15MB file size upload limit
  • Priority support
  • Import message history from Slack
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